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Warm Welcome Lanyard Program

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work?

The Minnesota Super Bowl Host Committee will ship the materials in a 'lanyard kit' which contains 5 lanyards and an assortment of beads. The beader completes the 5 lanyards and ships them back. Rinse & repeat.

What are the lanyard requirements?

We will ship out the specific lanyards to each participant along with an assortment of beads. Here are the requirements.

  • The bead colors must be in accordance with the 'Aurora Borealis' theme color palette.
  • Beadwork must extend at least 12" on each side (Minimum).
  • The entire lanyard can be completed with beadwork.
  • No words are allowed.
  • Can use symbols LII but cannot use 52.
  • Pink can only be used as an accent color.
Warm Welcome Lanyard Project color palette

Warm Welcome Lanyard Project color palette

Can I use my own beads?

Yes. You can use your own beads as long as they're in accordance with the 'Aurora Borealis' theme color palette. 

Are you looking for a particular style?

There are requirements for each lanyard but the methods used to sew them is up to the beader. Peyote stitch, wrapped or loom style lanyards are all acceptable.

Do I have to finish a minimum amount?

Yes. If you receive a lanyard kit, plan on beading the 5 lanyards. If you don't want to make any additional lanyards that's ok. You're work is still appreciated and your lanyards will be added to the inventory.

How much will the beaders get paid?

There is no monetary compensation for the participants of the Warm Welcome Lanyard Project. We understand there is great time and skill required to make these pieces so we're trying to provide value through other avenues. 

This is completely voluntary. There are a multitude of incentives throughout the project.

What are the incentives and prizes?

We're buttoning up the specifics but participants can expect some cool prizes and opportunities in and around US Bank Stadium which is home to Super Bowl LII.

One of the biggest incentives is being able to sell beaded products at pop-up locations in and around Super Bowl Live. Yes that's right! For 10 days leading up to Super Bowl LII 1.5 million people will be looking for cool experiences and unique memorabilia. You could be selected to showcase and sell your very own merchandise throughout the festivities.

How do I get started?

Email me and I'll add you to our list and get your first lanyard kit shipped out to you within one week. 

If you have any additional questions just email me or call me and I'll be happy to help you out.


Phone: (608)772-8848